Feel good about your job

We don’t have some big, lofty vision for the future of work. We just believe you should feel good about your job. That’s why we built Cause.Work, a job board and platform dedicated to connecting conscientious leaders with sustainable, ethical nonprofits and brands.

Find a job – easily.

Finding a job should be easy. That’s why we’ve worked hard to streamline the process – no fluff or clutter, no needless details or distractions, and no endless job descriptions. We only include the information that is relevant to you.

Do work that matters.

We don’t think anyone should have to waste their workday doing corporate busy work or padding someone else’s net worth. We feature workplaces that are not-for-profit, cause-driven, and mission-oriented.

Your privacy comes first.

We do not sell your information. Period. We understand that privacy is of utmost importance when searching for a job, and that’s why we don’t try to profit off of your data.