Oct 4, 2020

Data Engineer Consultant



✓ Cause-Driven

The Baltimore Good Neighbors Coalition (BGNC), Baltimore's citywide effort to address alcohol-related violence, is hiring a 20-25 hour per month, contractual Data Engineer Consultant to build a data warehouse called the “Alcohol Data Dashboard” for the City of Baltimore. The goal of this project is to assess the feasibility of an online, publicly available Alcohol Data Dashboard to help build community capacity, transparency and equitable access to critical data that are necessary to address problem alcohol outlets. Current processes to obtain data necessary to substantiate claims of problems associated with alcohol outlets is cumbersome, making the data difficult for residents to obtain. Yet residents must have these data as evidentiary proof during administrative hearings before the Board of Liquor License Commissioners (BLLC), the administrative body with primary oversight of alcohol license outlets in the city.

During the nine-month project period, and with assistance from the BGNC Leadership Team, the Data Engineer will: 1) Identify existing datasets (e.g., police calls for service, 311 calls for service, alcohol license lists, BLLC violation history lists, police arrests in and around alcohol license outlets). 2) Assess each dataset and its viability and accessibility level (e.g., available to the public, costs to access, automation of updates). 3) Extract the viable datasets. 3) Build a data pipeline for data to be obtained, stored, processed, and queried in the Alcohol Data Dashboard. 4) Transform the data by cleaning, structuring, and formatting viable datasets to make data consumable for processing and analysis.

Rate and Timeline
$100-150 per hour for 250 hours over the project period of nine months (December 2020 to June 2021).
• Preferred experience of 1-3 years working with government or nonprofit sectors.
• Experience building data pipelines and maintaining and testing their stability over time
• Ability to transform data and structure it properly
• Capability to provide data access tools for analyses and visuals
• Strategic thinker, detail orientated and an interest in lending expertise to an important cause
• Demonstrated ability in making large data consumable for public

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Baltimore Good Neighbors Coalition

The Baltimore Good Neighbors Coalition (BGNC), a fiscally sponsored project of Strong City Baltimore, is a network of community members and neighborhood associations who have come together to address public health and safety concerns related to alcohol outlet related violence.

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