Jan 28, 2021

Donor Relations Specialist (Contractor)



✓ Cause-Driven


The Wikimedia Foundation is looking for a Donor Relations Specialist to join our team, reporting to the Donor Services Manager.  As the Donor Relations Specialist, you will be responsible for handling a high volume of donor inquiries in multiple languages during our year-round global online fundraising campaigns. As the first line of contact between Wikimedia Foundation and tens of thousands of donors each year, this high-profile team is made up of professional communicators, who see each correspondence as a chance to positively engage donors and educate them about our mission. In this role, you will provide support to the Fundraising Operations team, responding to a wide range of donor inquiries using an online ticket-based customer service platform. In this position, you will be communicating with donors over email and also spend a portion of your time responding to questions and assisting English speaking donors over the phone. This remote, full time position offers flexible scheduling, however, in order to assist US based donors in a timely manner via telephone and email, we are looking for someone who is available to work hours that are compatible with the US/Western Hemisphere time zone.

You are responsible for:

Working with a global team of colleagues to respond to donor inquiries via email efficiently and professionally in multiple languages
Responding to donor inquiries and assisting donors via telephone in English
Acting as an ambassador for the Wikimedia Foundation brand and Wikipedia. As the first line of contact for tens of thousands of donors each year, interaction is done with an eye to making each correspondence a chance to positively engage donors
Acquiring a broad understanding of our macro responses and useful phrases, and when to appropriately apply each response, and using categorization systems to prioritize and tag inquiries based on needed data (donation issues, payment methods, country, language, etc.) in order to generate metrics.
Acquiring a broad knowledge base of the Wikimedia Foundation’s fundraising program, our payment methods, and our donation flows across different fundraising campaigns
Become proficient in Zendesk, CiviCRM database, multiple payment service provider portals and systems that are used
Acquiring a broad knowledge base of Wikimedia Foundation projects to efficiently respond to donor inquiries and educate our donors about Wikimedia’s mission and how Wikipedia works
Work with team leads to stay informed of Wikimedia Foundation, community, and media developments to efficiently answer any related donor inquiries
Problem solving for donors: investigating why donations failed, fraud, database issues, etc.
Administration of donor records, as needed, to ensure our donor base is up to date and accurate, with an eye to having each donor’s history of support accurately reflected in their record
Processing tasks, such as processing refunds, chargebacks, recovering stray donor replies in spam folders, among others.

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