Our ethical standards

At Cause.Work, we believe you should feel good about your job. That’s why we have ethical standards, to help you find a job that aligns with your values. Our ethical standards are designed to narrow down your job search and weed out the bad guys.

Here’s how it works: Both Green and Yellow organizations can post on Cause.Work, but only qualified Green organizations will automatically receive the ✓ Cause-Driven badge. Blacklisted organizations cannot post on our platform.

✓ Cause-Driven

• Registered nonprofits and charities
• Businesses that participate in the circular economy
• Social enterprises and B Corps
• Companies providing renewable energy (no use of fossil fuels)
• Political campaigns (except campaigns that promote violence)
• Cooperatives

Not exactly Cause-Driven

• Education institutions
• Social and political research institutions and think tanks
• Service-providers and agencies who serve the nonprofit sector amongst others
• Small businesses
• Government agencies (except military)


• Fossil fuel companies
• Arms companies and military
• Tobacco and alcohol industry
• Unethical conglomerates (Amazon, Facebook, Walmart)
• For-profit healthcare organizations
• Organizations or companies that promote violence
• Fast food and junk food industry

🚨 These standards are not exhaustive. We reserve the right to refuse to work with any organization on the basis of our ethical standards.